Friday, 18 January 2008


Thank you for loving me
with my weaknesses
with my failures
with my insecurities
with my fears
with my DRAMA
but more than that
Thank you for loving me
to leave me that way

As I was reflecting today, I felt I heard him say..."Just come to me, as you are, where you are". Sometimes we think that when we want to come to Him, we need to be all good and perfect. It's ok to say that we are struggling, that we are unhappy or even afraid. Don't allow anything not even a mistake prevent you from coming to the ONE who loves you most. There's nothing about you He does not know and nothing will make Him stop loving you. Be rest assured when you spend some time with Him, He is willing and able to turn around every situation you may be facing..(yes, no matter how big it is, GOD IS BIGGER).

Have a blessed weekend. You are all BLESSED and HIGHLY FAVOURED.



Allied said...

this is nor random.. it actually had the message i have been waiting to hear.. how are u?

Believer said...

@allied: I didn't have a title for it. All I can say is that the devil is a liar..i am blessed.