Monday, 21 January 2008 EXTRAordinary!

It started as a very ordinary day
20th January 2008
Got up, got ready for service
A great one by the way!
Meditating on the message on the way home
When the text came
It said PRAY
I wanted to FEAR
but decided to PRAY

It started as a very ordinary day
20th January 2008
Got to the hospital
Heard all the negative reports
but decided to PRAY
saw the charts
but decided to PRAISE
saw the looks in their eyes
but decided to confess the WORD

It started as a very ordinary day
20th January 2008
After countless puffs of oxygen
three attempts at an epidural
tears and screams
at 9:05pm
the EXTRAordinary happened
T.O.M came into the world
and now Believer is
Aunty Believer

Please just help me praise God. He is just too wonderful. Mum, Dad and Babe are doing well. To all mothers out there, well done! Watching a child come into this world is an experience.

No matter what reports you hear, today CHOOSE to BELIEVE the report of the Lord.

Remain blessed and highly favoured



The Life of a Stranger called me said...

congratulations to mum and dad, and to aunty beliver. Wow, God is indeed good.

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

congratulations.....God is good

Sha said...

Congrats!! Hes a good God indeed

ebony said...

Aunty Believer....has a nice ring to it. Congrats and this is the beginning of more joyful events to celebrate. He who has begun a good thing will surely bring it and everything regarding it to a perfect completion. Love ya!

Jaycee said...

Bringing a child into this world is so not easy, veyr painful, and very scary. Not looking forward to it.

BUT, I heard that when the child comes, it is as if the mother forgets all the pain...all for her new bundle of joy!!!!

Congratulations to ur sis...

disgodkidd said...


Allied said...

Aunty Believer... congratulations oh. Oya, boy or girl? If it’s a girl, my nephew can be your new in-law oh...

We have to talk

Rinsola said...

Congratulations on the new status. So how does it feel, Aunty Believer? Congratulations to your family. Have a great week missy.

Believer said...

@LOASCM:How r u darling? We suppose gist now..sorry i couldn't get u before u left. Thanks o. God is to be praised

@mystoriesmytestimonies:He is indeed great

@sha:Thank you, yes He is

@ebony:Thanks for the prayer. Amen and amen. I'm so excited at becoming an aunty. You tried go through what I saw my sister go through thrice...well I thank God for all mothers!

@jaycee: It's not easy, it's painful and can be scary but true word it is so worth it. When I saw him come out, i just burst into's an amazing thing!

@disgodkidd:Thanks, how r u doing?

@allied:How now? I don miss u small sha. Sorry o na boy come this time around but sho..i think say na me wey suppose marry ur nephew abi wetin de happen for here (i can't believe this is me writing in pidgin!!. I'll call u tonite

@rinsola: Becoming an aunt is so exciting..i really wonder what becoming a mother will be like!! Remain blessed

@all:Thanks for your prayers and congratulations, i will pass them on to the new mum and dad.

Truth said...

Aunty believer, thanks very much for standing in for me,your indeed a blessing to the family.What would we have done if you were not at hand to assist, God has given you to us to be a blessing, and i know you are blessed and that is why you can be a blessing. On behalf of all of us, both those who appreciate your giftings and those who don't, i say a big THANK YOU.

Prettylyf said...

Congratulations are in order! I will choose to praise, give thanks and pray in all situations. Remain blessed!

Nyemoni said...

Congratulations babes...God bless you and bless the addition to your family! 1 love!