Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Vote G-Force!


I'm kinda back, it's just really busy, need to catch up on my reading and other stuff. Just wanted to appeal for some votes for my peeps G-Force. More info can be found on their Myspace webpage. I'm not really a fan of rap music but I think it's great to see young black men in the UK making great achievements like this and I think it's time we celebrate and encourage them rather than allowing the 'gangsters' get all the airtime. So please vote G-Force for the Music Of Black Origin (MOBO) award. It just takes about a minute online.

Remain blessed, September is our month of fulfillment at KICC and I know that the Lord will surely bring to fulfillment, the great dreams and desires that you know are on the inside of you. Remain blessed and highly favoured. Keep shining! Below is a short message you can copy and paste to send to your friends. Please vote and spread the word!

Hi people,

G-Force have been nominated for BEST GOSPEL ACT @ This year's MOBO'S. Help Support by voting on http://www.mobo.com/.

Pls spread the word!!! copy & Paste & Forward to your friends

You can get their latest Album "Destroy and Rebuild" and preview it at

Let's support our own..Thanks


feather said...

be really back!

Nyemoni said...

I've voted for them babes, although I don't know them, but since you say they're good, I believe! Take care girl...we're always here..

Believer said...

@feather: I'm back now. Remain blessed

@nyemoni:I'm beginning to wonder if we are the same person..same month, same football club, same decade, same industry..oh well..September is a great month to be born in..innit?

diamond said...

ok.. voted!

Believer said...