Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Thinking about.. .

Love, life and other little but big mysteries. Love, a word that falls so easily from our lips and yet the reality of what it means can be mind boggling! Love is everything. It is why I am awake at 5:13 in the morning and why I have to work this body to a sweat in a few hours as well. Love is why I will keep quiet about an issue and yet confront on another one. Love means that even though I don't understand the circumstances I choose to believe what love has shown me of you . 

Love is both the butterflies when you hear that voice and the tears that fall from your eyes when the voice betrays and you must stick to the commitment that you have made. Love is not always a perfect looking picture, I don't know how one would Photoshop Jesus suffering on the cross in a way that would make it look like he was having a nice day!

Love is the heartbeat of life. We were created through it, we were created for it. To love within, vertically and horizontally. Different beats, the same heart. The commitment of it which can also mean letting it go. For until the prodigal realises that the love he is searching for has been at home all along no words can convince him to stay. Love does not prevent the fire from burning but gives grace for an open door, to bandage hands at the inevitable return, for salve and bandages.

Love is doing the right thing you know to do. Love is life. Love, life and other little but big mysteries.

Still pondering on it.

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