Friday, 23 July 2010

iPray Friday: Take it to the altar

"I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!
I cannot bear my burdens alone;
I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!
Jesus can help me, Jesus alone."

Chorus from 'I must tell Jesus' by Elisha Hoffman

Trust in Him at all times
O people
Pour out your hearts to him
For God is our refuge
Psalm 62:8

Hi everyone

Hope you've had a good week? Thank God it's iPray Friday. Hmm, I had a long conversation with a friend yesterday who is facing some marital issues and after the conversation I must admit that I was totally overwhelmed with the situation. Hmm, God whispered to me that 'you may be overwhelmed but there is no situation that overwhelms Me.' Yesterday I didn't even pray for her because I didn't know where to start or end. So today it's about each of us taking those things we have buried in our hearts to the altar. If it's something you feel like sharing, leave your prayers as comments, anonymously if you prefer. My prayer(s) will be in the comment section as well. But today is about unburdening our hearts to the One who always understands, who always has time, who promised to be with us always...even when sometimes it seems we are on our own and it's difficult to go on in faith...let's just talk to Jesus today.

Have a wonderful weekend..


Zoe Believer said...

Dear daddy,

Yes I'm here...I'm back because I realise that any distance between me and you is usually a result of me walking away. I have come to realise that there are some things that I will never understand but I need to trust you. Today I pray for myself and for anyone out there who faith seems to be failing. Just like Jesus prayed for Peter, I pray that our faith does not fail and when we are strengthened, we may encourage the brethren likewise. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Zoe Believer said...

Heavenly Father, today I give you praise because I am alive and though a little my right mind. I thank you for those things and people you allowed to leave my life because now I see that you had my best interest at heart like you always do. Daddy, I commit ERO before your throne of grace, I don't really understand what is going on but be her strength, You are Jehovah Rapha, God who is our healer I pray that just as one touch from Jesus enabled Peter's mother in law rise up from her sick bed and entertain her guests, that your healing touch will make a difference in her body this day in the mighty name of Jesus.

Zoe Believer said...

Mmm, Daddy it's a good thing that there is NoLimit (lol!!) on the number of prayer requests we can table before your throne of grace. I thank you for our little princess OCO, although she came a little earlier than we expected, we give thanks because she arrived anyway. Thank you that you are with her in that little box with all those tubes connected, that even when Mum and Dad go home for the night your angels of protection are there with her because just as she is our princess, she is even much more yours. I commit her parents before your throne of grace, it has been stressful but I thank you that this is one of those 'events' that will make them even pull together more in Jesus name. We look forward to the day she comes home, healthy and perfect. Nothing broken and nothing missing..

Zoe Believer said...

Mmm, Daddy, this one is a bit more difficult but your word says that when we don't know how to pray the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf for us. So Holy Spirit, I think you've got this one. I commit EB before your throne of grace, that you keep her in her right mind, that you heal her physically, emotionally, mentally from the abuse of the past. Daddy, you are the only one who can go deep within and work changes in the areas we cannot even see. Lord, this one is too much for me but like you said it isn't too much for you...hmm

Nneka A said...

Father thank you for the opportunity to come and ask, your word says, ask, seek and knock. I'm asking for peace of mind. I'm seeking for you in the situations I face. I'm knocking on doors that must open for me to get into my place of abundance. Thank You for being You my Lord. I pray for everyone who leaves a prayer here today, that this will be an opportunity for us to know you as the God who answers prayer..

Nneka A said...

Father thank you for the opportunity to come and ask, your word says, ask, seek and knock. I'm asking for peace of mind. I'm seeking for you in the situations I face. I'm knocking on doors that must open for me to get into my place of abundance. Thank You for being You my Lord. I pray for everyone who leaves a prayer here today, that this will be an opportunity for us to know you as the God who answers prayer..

Anonymous said...

You are indeed the God that never fails, never disappoints. The uncontainable God who answers by Fire. I thankyou Jesus for the medium to usher our prayers in your presence. I thankyou that in this failing world, you have raised an army in every corner where one presumes your worshippers cannot be found. I thank you taht you are God and that you are good. And now heavenly father as we lift our hands in worship and praise to you for all that you have done, continue to draw us closer and closer to you. Continue to wrap us up in your love... continue to transform us away from the pattern of this world, continue to keep us growing in your love and strength. Continue to remind us of your love for us, and that we indeed are loved, and forgiven. Thanks ypu Jesus, thankyou Father.

Tisha said...

Dear God,

I have told you everything and i know you are not intimidated and that you are working on it or have worked on it. I know you lead me across the path of righteousness and you guide my footsteps so i trust you to take me to the place where you want me to be. While i am on my way there i trust you to by your spirit groom me to be more Christ-like everyday.

Blessing said...
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Blessing said...

Thanks for this post Zoe! I really need to pray more and stop worrying or over thinking everything. May God answer all your prayers and those of your readers as well! AMEN

Anonymous said...

Father, I thank you and magnify your holy name. There's nothing that you can not do, you said that heaven and earth may pass away but ur Word will never go unfulfilled. I pray for strength, grace, and patience as I wait on you to fulfill each and every promise that you have made to me. Help me not be affected but what I see or hear but to trust you with ALL my heart, because you know what's best for me and you see the end from the beginning.

I pray that you'll rekindle I and Mayowa's relationship. I pray that it'll be stronger and better then it was before. I pray that it'll be the purposeful, fulfilling, a joyous union that you've ordained it to be.
I pray that you'll deliever him from the arms of strange women and that you'll guy every decision that he makes. I pray that you'll heal him completely (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). I pray that you'll help him choose Godly friends, and that you'll break the ties of negative relationships in his life. I pray that when he sees me, He'll indeed see a good thing and he'll receive the confirmation that I am his helpmeet, just as you've confirmed it to me.
Help me to be strong and trust you, even though it's hard to see how this will come to pass.

I also pray for finances for school, I pray that I will excel and be at the top of my class, I pray for favor and direction as I look for a new apt with my sisters, I pray for financial breakthru, a good job, and for favor with every person that I come in contact with.

Thank you for answered prayers, I love you Daddy. IJN I pray! AMENNN!!!!

Thanks for this post Zoe...may God bless you!


Dear Lord, I am here, right now, in need of your help. I have come here knowing that if you do not help me, I will come out with nothing out of the trip. I trust you Lord. I believe you Lord and I know all things will work together for my good.
Thank you Jesus.

Your son,

Anonymous said...

Dear Father,

We thank you for your faithfulness. We love and adore you. You assured us in your word that if our earthly fathers can give us good things how much more you our heavenly father who loves us with a perfect love.

I join my faith with Zoe and these beautiful people and say thank you for answered prayers. You know the depths of our individual needs and desires, even thing we cannot put into words you know. You're a prayer answering God so we thank you in advance in Jesus' mighty name. Amen!

My main desire, Lord is that we all have a closer relationship with you. Ignite a fresh fire within us, replace the stony hearts with a heart of flesh, a heart that longs and thirst for you.

Envelop us with your presence, we all need a huge hug. Heal our hurts, take our pain away and restore us back to you.

Thank you sweet Jesus.

Amen and Amen!

2cute4u said...

First time here and I just got touched.. I'd be back.. Thanks for this post

Anonymous said...

Father, even more than any request I may bring before your throne of grace today I say a big THANK YOU to you. For your goodness and your mercy. For your faithfulness, you are indeed a good God. In the midst of pain and suffering, I can still say you're a good God. Thank you Jesus for everything.

Patrina's Pencil said...

Thank you, Lord for being my good Shepherd....In you, I have everything I need.

Patrina <")>><