Monday, 25 January 2010

iPray 2010: When bloggers pray

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land 2nd Chronicles 7:14

Confess to one another therefore your faults (your slips, your false steps, your offenses, your sins) and pray [also] for one another, that you may be healed and restored [to a spiritual tone of mind and heart]. The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]. James 5:16 AMP

The Scriptures above are just two amongst many that encourage us to pray. What is prayer? Simply, talking to God AND hearing God speak back. It is communication. There is no intimacy without communication, the level of relationship I have with you stems from what I choose to disclose/keep from you. God desires to be intimate with His creation, He longs to hear our voice, He longs to speak to us but the truth is sometimes we (or maybe it's just me!) are just too busy. There are bills to pay, jobs to do, deadlines that cannot be missed and even church programs to attend that sometimes one-on-one moments with the Father get lost at the bottom of To-Do lists as we go to bed with a guilty feeling and making the well worn promise to spend even more time with Him the next day.

I'm describing myself, some people ask why I love prayer? I don't know if I love it, I can't count the times that days have gone by and I've only said Thank you Lord, days when it's been a brief hi, hello usually reserved for strangers instead of a Lord, I love you so much! Just as there can be no intimacy without communication, there can be no power without prayer? Why do we need power? Power is required to do any and everything. If my hands had no power I could not type, if there was no power, I couldn't switch this computer on. Without power, I cannot accomplish the purpose He set out for me from the beginning of time.

So what's iPray 2010? Well, last year I spent a few months on what I titled 'A Season of Prayer', this year I was going to do the same but on a very personal note as I had to get my prayer life back and wanted to retrace my steps back to intimacy with the Father. However, I've felt led to open it to all of blogville and declare February the month of iPray because I believe that miracles can happen when bloggers pray. There is power in corporate prayer, there is power in corporate worship, there is power in unity.

Therefore by the grace of God, every day in February, there'll be a post here with a prayer, different topics, different areas, pouring out our hearts to a God who understands us more than we even do ourselves. I'm so grateful to the bloggers who have chosen to be a part of this. God bless you real good and I'm excited to hear your prayers. It's not too late to join in, sorry if I didn't send a message to you, as it means I don't have your email address but if interested email me

If you can't write a prayer, please lift us up in prayer as the devil never likes it when we pray but we serve a God at the mention of His name every knee must bow. Too few answers to too many questions. We always seem to look for solutions on this plane when maybe, just maybe we should be looking higher.

So iPray, do you?

Remain blessed and highly favoured. 2010 remains our year of 'The Lord has done this' in Jesus name.


Femme Lounge said...

just stumbled on your blog this evening. i love it! looking forward to iPray in February.cheers!

Tiera said...

As usual, God is using you to speak the very thing I need to hear! Thank you for allowing Him to use you, i will email you so I may become apart of ipray


looking forward to iPray 2010!

happy new year!

Rita said...

Hmmm, February is not too far away...Looking forward to it.

Tisha said...

ipray o
i love to pray
it beats worrying anytime

feb 17th with the singles remember.
i am going to meditate search scriptures
and find the mind of God so i pray right.

Believer said...

@all:God bless you all, thanks for your comments. Trusting God for a great time as we pray

Patrina said...

Believer, I am looking foraward to it! What an awesome idea. This is the most anointed thing I've seen in blogland! Bless you for having an open and tender heart for God.


Myne Whitman said...

I'll be looking forward to it surely.

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Email me

Kafo said...

i'm in

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Awww Amara, i absolutely love this. Nice play on words iPray 2010. By God's grace i will be a part of this. God bless you for your obedience in doing this.