Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Wilderness Chronicles: Day 9

Thanksgiving from the wilderness

My God you are very great. I praise and magnify you, my heart and soul praise you. My spirit and flesh praise you because you are not only a Mighty God but you are a good God. I thank you because you are a God of your Word, you spoke the word and it worked, works and continues to work wonders in my life. I praise you because you have made me fearfully and wonderfully, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet I can say it's all good.

I didn't come into this place a happy camper, even yesterday I burst into tears when you gave me a new command but Lord I still thank you that as silly as I can be sometimes you still love me, I can't fall away from your love, I can't earn it by what I do but you love me. Thank you for that reassurance that there is a love that is available for me ALL the time in spite of me.

Anyone can praise you when you part the Red Sea, when you slay the giant, when you give the victory but Lord I thank you that I can still praise you in the wilderness, where sometimes I don't even know my right from my left, when I don't know if I'm going forward or backward where you ask me to stand still, I can say you are God and you are good not because I'm strong but because even in my weakness you are my strength. In the wilderness you have been my strength, in the wilderness you have been my song, I have learnt what it means to be held in the arms of Jesus an embrace that no human's even comes close to.

I thank you for the lessons in the wilderness, where every grain of sand contains a message, where the arid conditions reminds me of my thirst for you, the heat of the day reminds me you are my cooling cloud, the lonely cold nights remind me that you are a pillar of fire, Lord I thank you that every single thing the enemy meant for evil in my life you turned it around for my good. Thank you Lord for the wilderness because it shows I am loved, called and chosen.

Thank you Lord, thank you. I used to sing that ten thousand tongues were not enough to praise you but I have one tongue and I use it to scream a big halleluyah to your name. Thank you Lord. Thank you Father. I give you praise not only for what you've done or are doing but because a beautiful future and hope still lies ahead. Thank you. I love you.


Tiera said...

a beautiful prayer

Believer said...

@Tiera: It is good to give thanks to the Lord