Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Excuse me! Your faith is showing..

In the same way, let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

This post's title is an adaptation of a slightly embarrassing story that occurred when quite a number of years ago. I remember looking wistfully at my mum and older sister when they were dressing up because in my eyes they had reached the 'advanced' stages of wearing more interesting undergarments than my plain white vest. Lol! Anyway I decided that I too was going to join the club by hook or crook and went to wear one of my mum's slips (dunno what you call them, the one that looks like a skirt) under my cloths. I felt good, was in my own cloud nine, until someone tapped me and said, "Excuse me, your slip is showing", that brought me back to earth quickly! Obviously my mum had a bigger waist so my pretty skirt had somehow slipped down a bit and created a second hemline for my clothes. Lol, I don't even remember what made me think of this but it got me thinking that in that situation, something that was to remain on the inside had somehow made an appearance on the outside, that which should have been hidden was now exposed.

This is true of ourselves as individuals and believers, who we are on the inside will eventually show up. So, if you were to look within what would you see and vice versa. Would what you see match up to my claim about myself or would it be a facade. I can't remember where I got a quote that says, who you are screams so loudly in my ears, I can't hear what you're saying. These days, I've been meditating on what it really means to be a believer, an uncompromising child of God in a compromising world. I look within and around me and if I'm a bit honest have become a bit disillusioned with the 'schizophrenic Christianity' syndrome, where I want to have it all. I want both God and the world, I nurture and nourish both my spirit and my flesh. Father, help me. Joshua told the Israelites to choose, choose whom they would serve but he made a decision, "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord". Father, this is my prayer today as well.

I recently had a minor disagreement with a friend of mine and I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me to accept the responsibility to patch things up. Why me? I didn't do anything (or so I thought) but He made me understand that even though I may not be in the wrong, I'm the one who 'claims' to read the Bible, who 'lives' according to Scripture, who goes to church, who knows that love is kind, love forgives, love takes the higher way even when it means swallowing some pride. He said "your faith is showing, what does it look like"? In every altercation you have and especially with unbelievers, it is your responsibility to work towards conflict resolution because you have me and you have the word. Hmm.

Who we are shows up one way or the other, usually on the days of adversity. I may say I love you but you'll know for sure on the day you need me! When a grape is crushed, blood does not come out. Our faith is showing, when we are crushed, what comes forth? A glass filled with dirty water is placed on a table, the table is hit, water is spilt, lo and behold what has spilled out is clean water! Not so!

Heavenly Father, I lift my hands to you, I lift my heart to you. Help me to live for you and when my faith shows, let it be in consonance with your truth in Jesus name. Sometimes, the most effective evangelism is the way we live our lives, winning them over without words!

So what are you showing?



NoLimit said...

At this phase of my life...I'm really hoping my faith is showing...cos meeeehnnnn!!! I'm being crushed on all sides!!!

Tisha said...


jhazmyn said...

I believe and hope my faith shows...i guess i'd ask the people ard me to describe me, then i'd know for sure...Love the quote "who you are screams so loud in my ears i cant hear what ur saying" true

The Disciple said...

Seeing that we are not complete in our fait ie we strive everyday to advance our level / faith. I would imagine we would expose the challenges around the stage of faith that we are experiencing. I dunno SOmetime I wonder what the bible means when I read statement like Jesus is the Author and "Finisher" of our faith. Back to your last question Zoe Believer. I'm showing never-before-seen weakness.... Good Lord I need strength... Help.....Heaven Help us All

Believer said...

@NoLimit: It is well with you, crushing is sometimes a needful necessity

@Tisha: Yeah.

@jhazymyn: True talk, feedback can be so essential because there is the me I know and the me others experience

@the disciple:His grace is sufficient for us, He strengthens us in times of weakness, his prayer is not that our faith weakens but that it does not fail, it is well with you

Myne Whitman said...

The title just reminded me of similar incidents to the one you mentioned. My faith is my life, I hope I keep showing it as I live.

Thanks for sharing.

Truth said...

May God continue to uphold us in every area of our lives.A lot manifest especially those sown to tne flesh will come out fleshy.Thanks for the sincerity in this post God bless you.

Aseda Photography said...

True talk, eventually it comes to the surface.