Thursday, 12 March 2009

A season of prayer: Day 36

A prayer praising Him in pidgin English

Jesus na u biko
You do well
I thank you o
You don make my life better
I go dey serve you forever o
You be Baba

Jesus na you be Oga
Jesus na you be Oga
All other gods
Na so so yeye
Every other god
Na so so yeye

Almighty Fada, you no say na you go help me for dis one as I no sabi pidgin proper, na NoLimit come make me put myself inside wahala anyway nothin spoil and I go try my best. Baba God, no one dey like you, you be the Almighty Jehovah, Alpha and Omega, u dey for the beginning, when the end come you go still dey there dey stand kampe, dey hold your side. Baba, I just wanna bless your name.

Baba I thank you well well because when e be like say condition wan make crayfish bend, you just show and make me stand straight. Even when the enemy come show him face for my domot, you come give me strength to declare NOTHING DO ME O, Satan comot for road because all power belongs to Jesus. Even when levels just dey shake left and right you make me stand kampe for ground. In short, I just full ground. Na u talk say NO SHAKING so I no go shake o!

Baba when pepper no rest, you come show as Jehovah Jireh, when my peace wan disappear, you come show as Jehovah Shalom. Baba, na wetin? I no be your best pikin, you know every now? But your Word don talk am finish that I dey beloved and na by grace I go continue to waka.

Baba for this prayer, I don use my whole pidgin vocabulary, I no say some people go almost faint wen dey read am abeg strengthen them o, na Believer reloaded abi how you see am! The main thing wen I wan say be that I love you and go continue to love you ti ti lai lai!

Amen and Amen!

For those who don't understand what I just wrote, just take it in good faith that it is actually a prayer. Send me an email if you want a translation!


Danny B said...

lol.. not a bad try in pidgin.... surely God understands all languages anyways

simeone said...

believer one..
He's too much

Believer said...

@Danny B: Thanks for your comment. Yes he does..

@Simeone: I can't even believe myself that I know that many words, a lot of my friends would be impressed. How you doing?

Ebony said...

Bo and I are in a state of serious lafter....Believer na you be dis? We no know say you funny like dis oooo....chei!!

Rita said...

This is really funny but you passed the message very clearly...lovely

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I laughed and laughed and laughed till I could no longer laugh again. And even though it was a prayer, I kept seeing the funny side. Wow God did say we will laugh, and what a way to laugh with God.

I so enjoyed this prayer.

Telekinesys said...

Nicely done.You try.Funny.

Believer said...

@Ebony: I knew some would be shocked...even me sef as I dey read I just dey wonder!!

@rita: God bless you my sister

@LOASCM: I don try sis abeg remind me when you are coming to this end again?

@telekinesys: Thank u jare, God bless you