Sunday, 18 May 2008

This God!

This our God we serve, honestly He is truly interested and involved in the affairs of men. I was just watching Gladiators on Sky (yes o, I'm a big Gladiators fan..i think the new one on Sky is fab!!!)Anyways, one of the male contenders caught my interest (not in the way you may be thinking!!). My first impression was that he had a rather small frame and then when he spoke, the first thing he said was that he was a Christian, he believed in God and that although he looked like David, God enabled David slay Goliath! I was impressed about how he was so vocal about his faith.
Well the games started but the gladiators are HUGE; Tornado, Destroyer, Oblivion aah even me I really felt for the guy because the other contender was more evenly matched physically speaking to the gladiators. As I expected, when it got to the eliminator there was a whopping 11 seconds between them.

When he was asked what he thought about his chances, he said that God's will would be done. Can I confess?? I laughed, the way I imagine Sarah must have laughed when the angels said.."by this time next year, you will have a child". My sister looked at me and said "You never know". I was like, this guy has lost. Not only is he smaller, the larger guy has a time advantage on him. So the race started and as I predicted, the big guy was seriously in the lead but like from nowhere, the small guy kept reducing the gap until they were neck and neck. Suddenly 'Goliath' fell and my guy got into the lead. At the last obstacle, he didn't have any strength to go on and for a minute it seemed like 'Goliath' would win but as if from nowhere, 'David' got the strength to get to the top and my mouth was agape for a few minutes. My sister just looked at me and said, "I told you so". Even the host on the show commented that it must have been God's will that he won.

As we go into a new week, sometimes it may feel like the odds are stacked against us, we are like David and our challenges seem to be like Goliath but we need to remember that we serve a God who is bigger than any situation that we may face. He is a God who can use 4 lepers to defeat a mighty army, 300 men with lamps and trumpets to defeat an army. He does not look at our physical sizes, he looks at the size of our faith. So, go with God. When all your strength is gone, lean on Him. He makes impossibilities possible.

Have an absolutely wonderful week and remember that 2008 continues to remain our year of UNCOMMON testimonies. It is well.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.


30+ said...

Halleluyah, I shall catch up and overcome.

Thank You Dear

AJIKE said...

hmmm, true words o my sister
Do u know this song?

God is bigger than any mountain
I can or cannot see
Bigger than all my problems
Bigger than anything
God is bigger than any mountain
I cannot, cannot see!

He is indeed bigger and Greater

Have a blessed week hun

and keep sharing!

Believer said...

@30+: Amen and Amen

@ajike: I love that song a lot. He is bigger than everything. Have a blessed week as well