Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Life A-Z; H is for Happiness

Yes I know G comes before H, I'm still pondering on G so bear with me.

The lie is
I will be happy tomorrow
..when the bills are paid
..when I get that great job
..when I am married
..when I move into my dream home
..when the kids grow up
..when I have a car
..when my miracle shows up

But the truth is
I can be happy today
even though some bills are due
even though the job is not always great
even though I'm still single (and now satisfied)
even though the dream home is still in my dreams
even though the kids aren't here
even though I'm still walking!
even though I'm still waiting on the Lord

I am learning
to enjoy where I am
on the way to where I need to be
I am learning
Not to delay happiness
And tag it to certain events
I am learning
to wake up each day
and find at least one thing
to be happy about

So today, I am happy and very grateful for my blog family. For your friendship, for your comments and for your encouragement. I thank God for you and I ask that He continue to keep you, guide you and grant you the desires of your heart as you continue to trust in Him.

Keep smiling

Remain blessed and highly favoured



DiAmOnD hawk said...

aaawwww believer :-)
I agree with you... Be happy where you are... but you know life would be easy when the bills are paid

G is for gifted??? lol

LittleGirlLost said...

enjoy where I am
on the way to where I need to be


Nyemoni said...

Thanks for your hugs and kisses babes...I'm sending a torrent of God's love your way!

Now on to your post...As usual, I love the poetry..what does G stand for though?

Go easy babes!

Allied said...

My happiness is now not later.... Good one Sis.

G stands for Good things from

How are u?

ebony said...

My dear, am starting to sound like a broken record but I really love this piece.

feather said...

wow, this is great. am choosing to be happy today,too.

Believer said...

@diamondhawk:Tell me about it!Hmm, G is for gifted, to all of us He has given gifts, all He asks is that we maximise our full potential in the areas He has gifted us in.

@littlegirllost: Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely, lovely comment

@nyemoni:The wave of love I just felt, i think i need a surfboard to ride on it!G is for gold..I'm going through the fire but I'm gonna come out shining!

@ allied:Every good and perfect thing comes from above from our father in whom there is no variableness or shadow of turning! Remain blessed, by the grace of God will be at TERC next Friday!

@ebony: Thank you so much for everything!

@feather:Let's be happy o, what didn't kill us, came to make us stronger

@all:Thanks for your lovely comments, remain blessed.