Sunday, 8 July 2007

More than

Peace is more than calm
it is a rest of mind
in the midst of the storm
Joy is more than laughter
it is dancing
for my miracle even when it hasn't shown up yet
Love is more than a feeling
it is the knowing
that we are in this together through thick and thin
Faith is more than just belief
it is standing
even when circumstances want to knock me down
Praise is more than singing
it is rejoicing
in any which way because of who God is to me
Prayer is more than speaking
it is superimposing
the will of God over the will of man
Life is more than the acquisition of stuff
it is about what we have done
whom we have served and why we will be missed when we leave
Hi everyone,
Hope you are having a swell weekend! Just wanted to put down some lines although for some strange reason, I can't get the formatting right so that 3 lines form a paragraph. Anyways, in keeping with 7/7/07 I decided to have only 7 verses, however I just noticed that the number 7 occurs 3 times in the date as well so 7 verses x 3 lines! Today is the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year. 7=Perfection and 3=completion so I'm believing and trusting God with you that there will be a perfect completion to the issues and situations that you may be facing.
Don't worry about how big it is, God is bigger and we will surely have cause to look back and smile and celebrate because we serve a miracle working God. Not only will we finish what we have started with Him but we shall finish well.
Remain blessed and highly favoured
N.B Please do suggest a title!


ebony said...

Wow!!!!! Believer, that is really deep. I love it.

As for the title suggestion, I'll leave it to those gifted in that area :-)

Allied said...


When i was reading it, what came to mind was Fruit of the Spirit. That is my title.

How are u doing sis?

Daddy's Girl said...

Beautiful... this really made me think about my tendency to sometimes place limits on the limitless. He is so much MORE... My suggestion is 'More Than'.

Believer said...


@allied:I'm fine, the question should be where is allied? Thanks for your suggestion for a title

@DG:How have you been? He can do far above we can ask, see, think or imagine.